Rental Policies
1.  All changes need to be done at least 1 week prior to the event.  This includes adding items, subtracting items or just adjusting the quantities.  This is especially important when renting linens.
2.  If your plans change due to inclement weather or family emergency and you let us know prior to pick up or delivery, we will try our hardest to work with you.
3.  If you know you are not going to need something that you have reserved, please cancel it as soon as possible.  This enables others to use it for their event.

Cancellation Policy
General Information Regarding Deliveries & Rentals
1.  All rentals, deliveries and set ups need to be paid for prior to delivery or pick up.  If you are using our full service, please pay by or before morning of the event.
2.  We use care in loading your order so as not to damage our equipment.  Please use the same care when returning items.  If we sent your items wrapped in something, please return it that way.  If material is on a bolt, please return it on that bolt.  Please clean all glassware prior to return.  Please be kind enough to let us know if something gets broken or misplaced.  It happens, together we will work out the replacement fee if necessary.
3.  Remember not to damage the equipment in any way (stapling, wiring, taping, etc.) while it is in your care.  Ask for T-pins and for chenille stems for non-marring of the metal or plastic.  Please return the items that cane in a tub, back in the tub.  You are fully responsible for the equipment while you have it.
4.  All linens must be put into dirty bags that are sent with them.  Tablecloths and napkins may be mixed, they do not have to be kept seperate.
5.  All linens must be paid for whether they are used or not.  Once they leave the linen copany, they are billed and no credit is issued for clean ones returned.  Please let us know if any were dirty or stained and unusable.  Those can be credited if within reason.  It is up to the linen company, not us.
6.  All rental packages will have a $50 damage deposit to be returned upon receipt of rental items with no damage.